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The View: Phou Phra, the Sacred Mountain

Phou Phra in Laos

There is this view. As views go it’s a pretty special one and I have been dreaming of photographing it for a long, long time… During the early noughties I worked as a Tour Leader in South East Asia, taking groups mostly through Laos and Thailand. The 7 hour journey from Luang Prabang (center of the Laotian tourism industry) to Vang Vieng (a beautiful area of karst scenery and overnight stopping point on the way to the capital Vientiane) is very scenic, but there is one stretch of road that is truly breathtaking in an otherworldly way. ‘The View’ regularly elicited such exclamations as ‘incredible’ or ‘awesome’ from my groups and on one occasion ‘like Mordor’(!?!), but for the landscape photographer in me the wonder of seeing that sublime vista was always tempered by the niggling irritation that we were inevitably there at midday when the light was at its worst.  I vowed to return at dawn or dusk, although at the time had no idea when, or how, that would be. Continue reading »
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