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Travel Blog Part Ten: Rajasthan, India

Pushkar, IndiaIt's a fair old way from northern Karnataka to southern Rajasthan but we decide to get the travelling over with as quickly as possible, so 2 nights (in Mumbai and Ahmedabad) and 2 long and very crowded train journeys later we find ourselves in the Land of Kings (the literal translation of Rajasthan). It's starting to feel like we're living on train food these days - samosas, pakoras, unidentified taboule-like stuff and chai. In fact I was going to name this blog entry 'Snacks on a Train' - a rather cheesy pun on that dreadful film starring Samuel Jackson that you feel compelled to watch purely on the name alone... Continue reading »
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Travel Blog Part Nine: Karnataka, India

blog9mainHeading north we enter one of the most interesting and photogenic regions of India and I've got very high expectations. There's always that 'you're only as good as your last photo' feeling I sometimes have so am feeling a little pressure to get something good here. Continue reading »
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